Ten-Month Equal Payment Plan

The Town is again offering residents the option of paying their tax accounts interest-free using the Ten- (10-) Month Equal Payment Plan. The plan is being offered to those residents whose accounts are in good standing with the Town.

For those who were on the plan in 2022, you will be automatically enrolled for 2023 onwards. Please call if you wish to cancel and please advise of any change in banking information.

If you weren’t on our plan, a Ten-Month Payment Agreement Form must be signed, which will show your ten equal payment amounts.

Residents may choose to provide one of the following:

* a Direct Withdrawal Form from your bank (payment will be deducted the 1st of each month or the next business day if the 1st falls on the weekend)


* ten post-dated cheques, each dated for the 1st of each month (March-December)The deadline to sign up for this payment plan is February 17, 2023, in order for payments to start in March.

For residents eligible to avail of the seniors reduction of $100.00 (65+ years) who plan to avail of the equal payment plan, please apply for the reduction by February 17, 2023, so it can be taken into account for your ten monthly payments.

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