Town Hall

Who’s on Council

The Town Council of the Town of Marystown is an elected body made up of seven members – the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and five Councillors. The role and authority of Council is established under the Municipalities Act, 1999. Councillors serve a four-year term after being elected to Council and every Councillor has one vote on items brought before Council.

Each member of Council serves as Chair or Co-Chair on two of the Town’s standing committees; the Mayor serves as ex officio on all committees and Chair of the Economic Development Committee. Council usually meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month unless scheduled otherwise.

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Committee Meeting Schedule

TuesdayPublic Works and Tourism & Special Events Committees
WednesdayFinance and Recreation Committees
ThursdayPlanning & Development and Protection to Persons & Property Committees

Committee Meetings are regularly a week prior to a regular Council meeting but schedule is subject to change as Council terms change.


If you would like to speak as a delegate/delegation at a Committee meeting, the request must be submitted in writing. The request must include your name, contact information (email address, phone number, etc.) and the reason for the request. Your request should be received well in advance of your preferred date to meet with the Committee in order to ensure it is included on the agenda. Please note the days of the week listed above that each Committee meets. Your request to attend a Committee meeting will be accommodated at the earliest possible date.

When submitting requests to speak to a Committee, please be advised that the request and any documents provided to the Committee that may be tabled at a Council meeting may be considered public documents as per section 215 of the Municipalities Act, 1999, and may be subject to review by the general public.