Update – Dober’s Road Upgrades

Residents are advised that prep work started on Dober’s Road this morning and actual paving will begin tomorrow morning (June 19th).

As Dober’s Road is narrower than standards, both sides will be paved at the same time. As per the first image below, a small section of Dober’s Road at the intersection with Main Road will be paved. There will be small delays at the intersection. As per the second image, a larger section of road will be paved in the vicinity of the culvert to the end of the road. Paving will start at the end of the road first (Delphine Lymburner’s residence) and Nortech Construction will make their way out to the culvert area. There will be larger delays in this area of the road.

Residents living with the area noted in the second image are advised to park their vehicles further up on Dober’s Road and outside of the construction zone to avoid delays in getting to work on time, attend doctors appointments, etc.

Motorists are to obey all traffic/safety measures that are put in place.

The Town apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause and thanks you for your patience as we upgrade our infrastructure.

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