Theft of Street Signs

Over the summer, the Public Works Department purchased and installed several new street signs to replace missing or damaged signage. The Department has noticed that some of that signage has gone missing.

Removing street signs (or damaging or switching them around) can have dangerous consequences. Emergency responders rely on street signage in order to respond to a call as quickly as possible, especially at night. Those critical seconds or even minutes could worsen an already serious situation – it can cost someone their house or even their life.

In addition, it is costly to have to constantly replace signage.

Any resident who has information regarding the theft of our street signs is asked to call the Town Office at 279-1661 ext. 226 (Petrina) or ext. 236 (Leeanne) to report it.

Cameras will be installed around town and anyone caught stealing or tampering with signage will be charged.

Ensuring everyone’s safety is our number one priority – please think twice before taking/damaging a sign!

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