Summer Bulk Garbage Schedule

Residents are advised below are the dates of bulk garbage collection for July, August and September.

There have been many issues with larger items of bulk garbage placed on the sides of the roads such as BBQs, couches and mattresses. As per the Town’s Bulk Garbage Policy, bulk garbage cannot be placed by the curbside until 24 hours prior to the scheduled collection date. If bulk garbage is placed at the curbside prior to this timeframe the resident will be requested to remove it from the curbside and bring back to their houses. If the bulk garbage is not removed, the resident will be issued a Removal Order with the possibility of being collected by the Public Works Department and charged to the property owner.


Sections of Marystown – Black Brook; Greenwood Street and extensions; Creston Blvd (Creston South); Charlotte Street and extensions; Ville Marie Dr (Keyin College Road to Route 220 Grand Bank Highway)
July 23, Aug 27, Sept 24


Sections of Marystown – Ville Marie Drive (Creston North) to Queen’s St.; Harris Drive and Harris Drive extensions;
July 24, Aug 28, Sept 25


Sections of Marystown – Marine Drive to Beau Bois; Bayview St., McGettigan Blvd to Mooring Cove; Spanish Room; Rock Harbour; Jean de Baie
July 25, Aug 28, Sept 25

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