Speed Bump Policy

Residents are advised that the Town implemented a Speed Bump Policy in May 2021, which can be found here.

The Town has received numerous requests for speed bumps. Given the high cost of speed bumps, the Town cannot put a speed bump on every street and implemented this policy that outlines the criteria that must be met in order for a street to qualify for a speed bump.

As per the policy, requests will be approved on a case-by-case basis. Requests will require the involvement of the residents of the street in question to ensure the majority of residents are in support of the installation of a speed bump (petition). Acceptance of a petition does not obligate the Town to install a speed bump.

With summer upon us and more residents, especially children, becoming more active, motorists are strongly urged to obey all traffic laws and slow down. Residents should report speeding motorists to the RCMP.

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