Message from the Town of St. Lawrence and the Department of Immigration, Population, Growth & Skills

This is an important message for former employees of the CFI Mine site, who may be impacted by the closure of the mine and those who remain unemployed and could utilize services offered by the Department.

The Town of St. Lawrence has been working with the Department through our local MHA, Paul Pike, to try and help those employees who find themselves unemployed, running short of EI benefits or find an alternate employment source through our local Employment Services Office in Marystown.

We encourage anyone in need of services to complete the Request for Services (RFS) form and send the completed copy to the address listed on the form. The local office will then reach out to each individual who request services.

Anyone needing assistance in printing and emailing the form can reach out to the Marystown Town office.

Message from Town of St. Lawrence
Request for Services (RFS) Form

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