Dogs to be Tethered

Residents are advised that all dogs must be tethered to prevent roaming, including when taking them for walks. At no point should dogs be permitted to roam off leash.

Dogs should be tethered for their own protection as well as the protection of others. While you may feel your dog is a friendly dog, you never know what your dog might do if put in the wrong situation.

The other dog that your off-leash dog approaches may feel threatened and attack. Some people are afraid of dogs, no matter their temperament. And one wrong step and your dog could be hit by a speeding or swerving car.

Retractable leashes are popular but there are too many safety issues to using them. They extend too far, which can still result in a dog being hit by a car or jumping on someone who has a fear of dogs. Retractable leashes are easily dropped and can snap.

Please keep your dogs tethered at all times on a proper leash…and please clean up after them.

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