YMCA Operating Hours

Users of the YMCA are advised that there will be no change to operating hours at the YMCA for the immediate future.

The YMCA has noticed a decrease in usage which prompted the organization to amend their hours however, after some discussion, the YMCA will maintain their current operating hours but will be monitoring use of the facility until July 8th. Should there be no improvement in usage, a decision will be made to possibly reduce the hours.

There are many benefits to having a YMCA membership. Not only can you use the facility in Marystown but you can visit any YMCA in Canada. The Marystown YMCA offers swimming/aquatics, gym facilities, a walking track and various exercise equipment. Plus there is a child minding room for parents and great programs for kids and adults alike.

The Town encourages all residents to take advantage of what the YMCA has to offer.

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