Y – Take The Shot, COVID-19 and You

The Y – Take The Shot program is designed for individuals who have questions or concerns associated with COVID-19 and to reduce some of the barriers that people might face with regards to COVID-19 and the vaccine.

No matter the barrier, the goal is to help, whether you need help with scheduling a vaccine appointment, arranging transportation or child care if you require it. The program can also help with COVID-19 related supplies such as rapid test kits, masks hand sanitizers and wipes.

The program can provide one-on-one consultation sessions with families or host a group information session on various topics and, of course, answer any concerns or question a person might have about COVID-19 or the vaccination.

If you are an individual or a community service group who would like to avail of this program, please call Lisa Farrell, facilitator for Y – Take The Shot, Burin Region, at 277-5596.

There are no costs associated with this program.

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