Boil Water Advisory, Little Bay, April 2, 2021

Please Do Not Feed The Ducks

The Town is again urging residents not the feed the ducks in Creston South (Greenwood Street area). While it may be a fun activity for some, it can be very unpleasant for those who have to share their space with such a large population of ducks…it can be harmful to their personal property and the enjoyment of their own personal property as well as the general surroundings.

The Animal Control Officer is trapping ducks for the purpose of safely relocating them to a more natural habitat. However, the ducks cannot be trapped if they are continuously fed.

There is also a situation with a growing population of ducks on Maryanne Place. The Town asks residents to please refrain from feeding the ducks on Maryanne Place or any other area of Marystown as it encourages them to stay where they shouldn’t.

The Town thanks you for your cooperation and for your consideration of your fellow residents.

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