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Outdoor Burning

After a long winter, residents can finally start enjoying some much-deserved warmer weather and for many, that means fire pits and outdoor fire places. To help reduce the risk of an outdoor fire during the summer season, the Town is reminding residents to use caution when using outdoor wood burning units.

It is recommended that residents:

* only burn clean, dry firewood
* never leave a fire pit unsupervised
* have a hose or bucket with water close by to put out the fire
* build the fire pit into the ground, on brick or stone, or in a fire-proof container
* place the fire pit 3.5 metres away from the woods, brush or other flammable material
* avoid placing the fire pit under any trees, branches, plants or other overhanging structures that can catch fire

As per the Air Pollution Control Regulations, 2004, under the Environmental Protection Act, residents are prohibited from burning the following materials:

* tires
* plastics
* treated lumber
* asphalt and asphalt products
* drywall
* demolition waste
* hazardous waste
* biomedical waste
* domestic waste
* trash, garbage or other waste from commercial, industrial or municipal operations
* manure
* rubber
* tar paper
* railway ties
* paint and paint products
* fuel and lubricant containers
* used oil
* animal cadavers
* hazardous substances
* materials disposed of as part of the removal or decontamination of equipment, buildings or other structures

The Fire Hazard Rating in our area is currently HIGH. Weather conditions have continued to dry forest vegetation increasing the risk of wildfires occurring. Fires may start easily, burn quickly and challenge fire suppression efforts. Caution should be exercised when conducting activities on forested land. Open fires requiring a Permit to Burn are prohibited and industrial activities may be restricted.

Please be extra cautious with outdoor activities and adhere to the requirements of the ratings which are assigned daily and can be found at this link:

In the event of an emergency, Call 911!

For more information, please refer to the Air Pollution Control Regulations, 2004, at and the Town’s Outdoor Fire Regulations at and Public Notice on Outdoor Wood Burning Units at

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