Graffiti on Town Property

It has come to the attention of Council and Staff that there are several areas of Town being vandalized with graffiti especially on Town Property. These areas include the Dave Brenton Track & Field Complex, the Kaetlyn Osmond Arena, the old Ville Marie Swimming Pool and Recreation equipment such as utility trailers.Graffiti is not art and it is defacing the beauty of our Town.

Not only is it illegal, it is also costly to the tax payers of our municipality. The Town resources are being used to clean up the graffiti which is taking away from other important issues needing to be completed by Town employees.

The Town is asking for the assistance of the general public to stop the graffiti on our facilities. If you see any vandalism being done in the Town, please report to the Town or the Burin Peninsula RCMP.

The residents’ assistance with this issue is greatly appreciated! Let’s keep Marystown clean and beautiful!!

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