Burin Peninsula Regional Service Board (Waste Management) – Expanded Electronics Recycling

The Multi-Materials Stewardship Board (the MMSB) has given approval to the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) to collect additional end-of-life electronics. The additional products that can be delivered to the BPRSB Waste Management Facility free of charge include:

• Counter-top micro-wave ovens
• Navigation systems (Global Positioning Systems)
• Video game devices (consoles, hand-held devices and controllers)
• Electronic readers (such as Kindle, Kobo, Amazon E-Reader)
• External storage drives and modems

The BPRSB already accepts the following items (free of charge):

• Televisions
• Desktop, laptop and notebook computers including CPU’s, keyboards, mice, cables and other components in the computer
• Computer monitors
• Computer desk-top printers including printers that have scanning or fax capabilities or both
• Audio and video playback and recording systems
• Telephone and fax machines
• Cellular telephones

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