Boil Water Advisory, Little Bay, April 2, 2021

Boil Water Advisory, Little Bay, April 2, 2021

Residents are advised that a boil order has been put in place for Little Bay. This includes all homes past Dober’s Road, but not including Dober’s Road. Residents are to boil tap water for at least one minute before drinking it, using it for washing fruits and vegetables or brushing teeth.

A temporary water line has been put in place until tomorrow morning when divers are scheduled to arrive to assist the Public Works Department in the repair of the water main across the harbour to Little Bay.

Residents are advised that lower than normal water pressure may be experienced. If air is seen in faucets, run the water slowly until removed.

The entrance / exit located at Walsh’s Road has been reduced to one lane. The temporary water line for Little Bay has been placed at this location with temporary ramps placed to protect the line from traffic.

Please use caution in this area while driving.

Further updates will be provided when repairs have been completed.

Once again, the Town thanks the residents of Little Bay for their patience and apologizes for any inconvenience.

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