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2022 Municipal By-Election

The 2022 Municipal By-Election will take place Tuesday, July 12th, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. There is one vacancy for Councillor and the three candidates are:

– Jessie Miller
– Gary Myles
– Arthur Saunders

There are four polling stations with one polling division per station. The four polling divisions/stations are:

Poll No. 1 – Marystown South/Creston South – Salvation Army Citadel (includes Greenwood Street and side streets, Charlotte Avenue, Doucette Place, Brake’s Place, Creston Boulevard and side streets up to the intersection with Water Street West but not including Marine Drive and Water Street East)

Poll No. 2 – Marystown South/Little Bay – Little Bay Heritage Centre (includes Marine Drive and side streets including Water Street East to the end of Little Bay)

Poll No. 3 – Marystown North/Creston North – Heritage Baptist Church (includes Columbia Drive and Ville Marie Drive with side streets from the intersection with the Grand Bank Highway at Glendon Pond to the intersection with Barry’s Lane but not including Barry’s Lane)

Poll No. 4 – Marystown/Mooring Cove – Summer Games Building (includes Ville Marie Drive with side streets from the intersection of Barry’s Lane (including Barry’s Lane) to Colonial Auto, Queen Street, Bayview Street and side streets, Harris Drive and side streets and all of Mooring Cove)

For a more detailed breakdown on the streets included in each polling division, please click here or call the Town Office at 279-1661 ext. 226.

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