10-Digit Dialing, 911 and Civic Addressing

10-digit dialing is now in effect across NL and residents must now dial 709 for local calls originating in the province.

3-digit dialing for 911 remains unaffected. In the event of an emergency, the public is strongly advised to call 911. This is a provincial 24/7 emergency number that will connect residents to the local emergency response agencies. Calling a local 10-digit emergency number may be confusing during a panicked situation. Calling 911, remaining calm and providing the proper information is the best recommendation.

It’s important to have civic address numbers clearly posted where emergency responders can see them. Civic addresses are assigned by the Municipal Assessment Agency. If you are unsure what your civic address is or if you are using a number that was assigned to you by NL Power, please contact the Town Office to confirm your address and post it for emergency responders – the closer to the end of your driveway, the better.

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